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Exhibition trends » The invitation of 2020 Ningbo International lighting Exhibition

2020 Ningbo International lighting Exhibition


Time:  Aug 6th to 8th 2020  

Place: Ningbo International Convention  & Exhibition Centre

Hosted by:  Ningbo Gaosheng International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yisheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Electronic Industry Association

Ningbo semiconductor lighting industry innovation strategic alliance

Organized by: Ningbo Gaosheng International Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Exhibition Background:

Ningbo is a well-known "hometown of lamps and lanterns" at home and abroad. As one of the first batch of pilot cities of national "ten cities and ten thousand lamps" semiconductor lighting application project, the sales revenue of the city's semiconductor lighting industry reached more than 35 billion yuan last year, accounting for about 4% of the country. At present, it has formed a relatively complete whole industry chain ecology, and has become one of the most important production and export bases of semiconductor lighting products in China.


Introduction of Exhibition:

"2020 Ningbo International Lighting Exhibition" is committed to promoting the development of China's lighting industry, strengthening exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, enhancing the brand and recognition of enterprises, so as to promote the overall development of China's lighting industry. The exhibition area is nearly 28250 square meters.

The conference will invite lighting and electrical products agents / distributors / import and export traders / lamp manufacturers, department stores / chain stores, major architectural design institutes (institutes), real estate developers, urban lighting landscape planning / construction companies, municipal / street lamp road construction companies, outdoor advertising manufacturers, engineering construction contracting / system contracting / decoration / installation companies, and government departments Government urban construction department / energy conservation and environmental protection department, hotel / office building procurement department participated.


The Exhibition Review:

The last exhibition was successfully held in Ningbo International Convention  & Exhibition Centre from May 9 to 11, 2019. With an exhibition area of nearly 30000 square meters, nearly  700 enterprises participated in the exhibition, and thousands of products competed for the first time, providing a comprehensive purchasing and trading platform for domestic and foreign buyers!

At the same time of the exhibition, "new era, new trend, new lighting - China (Ningbo) semiconductor lighting industry international cooperation development forum; 2019 Ningbo International Lighting exhibition overseas buyers special precision procurement docking meeting". In view of the current domestic and foreign market and technology industry cooperation opportunities, it is necessary to agglomerate cross-border integration of the industry, innovate and develop, and promote the international development and transformation and upgrading of the lighting industry.

The exhibition runs through the upstream, middle, downstream and terminal applications of LED industry. The three-day exhibition attracted nearly 9000 professional visitors from home and abroad.


Exhibitioon Features:

Business matching: invite many professional buyers to sit in the matching area to provide one-to-one negotiation space for suppliers and buyers,Build a time-saving, money saving and worry free "green channel" for both parties! (free for exhibitors)

Market discussion: invite many experts to discuss the trade situation, market dynamics and opportunity development of lighting industry.


Exhibition scope:

Outdoor lighting: square lighting, public lighting, commercial lighting, professional lighting, decorative lighting, building floodlighting,Gymnasium lighting, landscape lighting, guardrail lamp, wall washing lamp, optical fiber lamp, moisture-proof lamp, explosion-proof lamp, etc;

lamps and lighting: road lighting lamps, courtyard and landscape lamps, solar lamps, indoor decoration lamps, flashlights, buildings Lamps, mining lamps, projection lamps, electrodeless lamps, embedded lamps, marine lamps, special lamps, underwater lamps, emergency lamps;

Urban lighting: landscape lighting, lighting engineering technology equipment, intelligent control and distribution system, location laser technology products, etc;

LED lighting: LED indoor / outdoor lighting (fluorescent lamp, bulb lamp, spotlight, line lamp, street lamp, etc.), high power LED Lighting, LED display, monochrome, dual primary color display, module module, traffic signal light, drive and control system, etc;

Intelligent LEDSmart home lighting, intelligent LED lamps, LED street lamps, LED intelligent lighting control system, etc;

LED manufacturing equipment and testing equipment: dispensing machine, filling machine, Mounter, reflow soldering, wave soldering, printing machine, solid crystal machine, color / light splitter, spectrum detection instrument, laser equipment, moisture proof cabinet, purification equipment and other automatic production equipment;

LED packaging: epitaxial and chip, packaging technology, packaging glue, diode, SMD LED, high-power LED, digital Tube, lattice module, silicone, aluminum substrate, bracket, IC, capacitor resistor, LED / OLED and other applications and technologies;

Energy saving lamp series products: high power searchlight, T5 / T8 / t10l, wall lamp, metal halide lamp, spiral energy-saving lamp, etc;

Electric light source products: new ordinary lighting bulb, halogen bulb, energy-saving bulb, fluorescent lamp, lamp tube, various radiation light sources, etc;

Supporting components and parts of lighting appliances: electronic components, terminals, switches, LED power supply, optical lens, radiator Trigger, controller, electronic ballast, insulating material, lamp shell, lamp pole, lamp arm, lampshade, lamp holder, etc;

Special materials for lighting electrical products: phosphor, electronic powder, quartz tube, glass tube (shell), electrical grade material, tungsten wire, etc;


Exhibition fees:

1) Booth price (application cut-off date: June 1st , 2020)


Standard booth (at least 9m2)

Luxury booth (at least 9m2)

Indoor raw space (at least 36m2)

Domestic enterprise

RMB 10.8 thousand yuan/9m2

RMB 12.8 thousand yuan/9m2

RMB 1080 yuan/m2

Foreign-owned enterprise

USD $3.0 thousand yuan/9m2

USD $3.2 thousand yuan/9m2

USD$ 300 yuan/m2

2)Booth configuration

Booth with raw space: only exhibition space available, not including exhibition rack, exhibition tools, and management expenses and power expenses of special installations.    

Standard booth: Chinese and English lintels, 1 advisory desk, 2 folding chairs, 2 projection lamps, 1 power socket and 1 wastepaper basket.


Journal of the association and advertisements: 50000 copies issued.


Advertising layout 


Back cover

Inside front cover

Color home page

Color inner page

Black and white inner page


22,000 yuan

16,000 yuan

12,000 yuan



4,000 yuan




Participation procedures for exhibitors:

1: After confirming the participation, ask the organizing unit for the application form (contract form), fill in the form and send it to the organizing unit by mail or fax;

2: Both parties shall sign the exhibition participation contract, and the exhibitor shall pay 50% as deposit or make the full payment within 3 working days;

3. The exhibitor shall pay the balance before July 1st, 2020, or the organizer shall have the right to adjust or cancel the exhibition booth;

Contact of the Organizing Committee:

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