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Exhibition trends » 2019 Ningbo International lighting Exhibition

Convention and Exhibition Center

Hosted by: Ningbo Electronics Association   Strategic Alliance for Ningbo Semiconductor Illumination Industry-University-Research Technical Innovation

Ningbo Gaosheng International Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Approved by: Ningbo Municipal People's Government


Organized by: Ningbo Gaosheng International Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Exhibition Background:

Currently, China is one of the fastest-growing countries in the global urbanization process, and the LED illumination has been listed as a strategic emerging industry of the 12th Five-Year Plan. Ningbo is listed as a pilot city for the semiconductor illumination application project of the national “Ten City Million Lights”. The market scale of the global LED industry was about 648.074 billion dollars in 2017, the year-on-year growth rate was 13.42%, and the export growth of the industry was fast. Ningbo has become one of the most important production and export bases for the domestic semiconductor illumination products.

According to the analysis, in the first quarter of 2018, the total export of China’s LED illumination products was 6.788 billion dollars, with a year-on-year increase of 3.8%. According to the planning requirements, by 2020, the overall output value of the semiconductor illumination industry will reach 1 trillion yuan, and the sales of LED illumination products will account for 70% of the total sales of the whole illumination electrical appliance industry.


Introduction to the exhibition:

“2019 China (Ningbo) International Sourcing Fair on Lamps, Lanterns & LED Illumination Exhibition” is committed to promoting the development of China’s illumination industry, strengthening the exchange and cooperation at home and abroad, improving corporate brand and cognition, and thus promoting the overall development of China’s illumination industry. The Fair is expected to have 40 thousand square meters of exhibition area and 2000 characteristic display spaces.

The Fair will invite nationwide dealers/ distributors/ import and export traders/ lamp manufacturers, department stores/ chain stores of illumination and electrical products, major construction design institutes, real estate developers, urban illumination landscape planning/construction companies, municipal/street lamp road construction companies, outdoor advertisement manufacturers, project construction contracting/system contracting/renovation and decoration/ installation companies, government urban construction department/energy-saving environmental protection department, restaurants and hotels/ office buildings, and purchase departments etc.. Wherein, government purchase department and overseas group buyers from Middle East countries, Russia, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, India, Hong Kong and Taiwan are the main invited exhibitors;


Review of the previous exhibition:

The previous exhibition was successfully held in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 9, 2018 to May 11, 2018. The exhibition area was nearly 40 thousand square meters, and more than 800 enterprises participated in the exhibition, bringing their thousands of products. The exhibition provided a comprehensive purchasing and trading platform for purchasers at home and abroad.

During the exhibition, The Light of Wisdom Meeting the Future -- China (Ningbo) Semiconductor Illumination Technology Innovation Application and International Cooperation Development Forum and the 2018 Docking Conference of Ningbo International Illumination Exhibition Intended for Overseas Purchasers were held. In view of the current cooperation opportunities of the market and technology industry at home and abroad, we agglomerated the industry, integrated countries, innovated new ways of development, and promoted the international development, transformation and upgrading of the illumination industry.

This exhibition went through the upper, middle and lower reaches and terminal applications of the LED industry, and attract purchasers from Europe, America, Middle East, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Canada, New Zealand, India, Pakistan and so on. The three-day exhibition attracted 55637 professional audiences both at home and abroad, 33% of whom were from overseas, setting a new record.


Exhibition characteristics:

Business Matchmaking -- A number of professional buyers will be invited to the matching area, provide one-to-one negotiation space for suppliers and purchasers, and set up a time-saving, cost-saving and convenient business “green channel” for buyers and sellers! (Free participation of the exhibitors)

●Market Discussion -- A number of industry experts will be invited to exchange views on the trade situation, market changes, opportunities and development of the illumination industry.


Exhibition scope:

 illumination: square illumination, public illumination, commercial illumination, professional illumination, decorative illumination, building floodlighting, stadium illumination, landscape illumination, guardrail lamps, wall-washing lamps, fibre-optical lamps, moisture-proof lamps, explosion-proof lamps, etc.

 General lamps and decorative lamps: lamps for road illumination, courtyard and landscape lamps, solar lamps, interior decorative lamps, flashlights, building lamps, mining lamps, projection lamps, electrodeless lamps, embedded lamps, marine lamps, special lamps, underwater lamps and emergency lamps;

 Urban illumination: landscape illumination, illumination engineering technical equipment, intelligent control and distribution system, outdoor laser technology products, etc.

 LED illumination: LED indoor/outdoor illumination (fluorescent lamps, bulb lamps, projection lamps, line lamps, street lamps, etc.), high-power LED illumination, LED display screen, single-color and double-primary-color display screen, modules, traffic lights, driving and control system, etc.

 Intelligent illumination: intelligent home illumination, intelligent LED lamps, LED intelligent street lamps, LED intelligent illumination control system, etc.

 LED manufacturing equipment and testing equipment: dispensing machine, glue machine, chip mounter, reflow soldering, wave soldering, printing machine, crystal fixing machine, bonder, color separation/light separation machine, spectrum testing instrument, laser device, moisture-proof cabinet, purification device and other automated production equipment;

 LED encapsulation: epitaxy and chip, encapsulation technology, encapsulation glue, diode, patch LED, high-power LED, digital tube, lattice module, organic silicon, aluminum substrate, bracket, IC, capacitive resistance, and other LED/OLED applications and technologies;

 Energy-saving lamp products: high-power searchlights, T5/T8/T10L, wall lamps, metal halide lamps, spiral energy-saving lamps, etc.

 Electric light source products: new common illumination bulbs, halogen-tungsten lamp bulbs, energy-saving bulbs, fluorescent lamps, lamp tubes, various radiation light sources, etc;

 Components and parts for illumination electrical appliances: electronical components, terminals, switches, LED power supply, optical lens, radiators, triggers, controllers, electronic ballasts, insulating materials, lamp shells, lamp posts, lamp arms, lamp shades, lamp holders, lamp sockets, etc.;

 Special materials for illumination electrical appliances: fluorescent powder, electronic powder, quartz tubes, glass tubes (shells), electrode materials, tungsten filaments, etc.


Exhibition fees:

1) Booth price (application cut-off date: April 1, 2019) Note: The double-sided opening booth shall be charged with 20% of additional fees, and 18-square-meter booth shall be free of charge! )


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